Joining STAG

  First and foremost you must be a MAACA member with at least 18 years of age and a valid TS-B (Airgun) licence. You shall require to have attended at least 6 MAACA P.A.G. activities and should preferably be in possession of an airsoft weapon. If you satisfy these criteria you may request a STAG Engagement Form (eng/003) and submit it for consideration by the STAG Leader and Assistant STAG Leader. Eligible Candidates are grouped in a ‘Recruitment’ and given the rank of STAG Recruit (E-0). MAACA members admitted to try the Recruitment Process pay a non-refundable nominal fee of €5 to cover administrative costs. The Recruitment lasts 10 sessions and hence may take as long as 2 ½ months to complete although timings may vary according to administrative needs. Successful recruits are given the rank of Private (E-1) and a short probationary period is all that separates them from full STAG membership.