Uniform - Arsenal - Signals


On the field, variants of the US ACU (Army Combat Uniform) in Multicam Camouflage are worn as the main dress by STAG Operators. As secondary uniforms or in cases where OP-FOR needs to be distinctly identifiable, variants of the US ACU in Universal Camouflage Pattern Camouflage or variants of British Soldier-95 Uniforms in DPM Camouflage (Disruptive Pattern Material) are worn.


STAG Operators use a myriad of Airsoft weapons ranging from Springers, GBBs and AEGs and include replicas of M4, MP5, G3, M249, P229, Beretta M9, and various other models.


Close Communication on the field between STAG Operators is enhanced with the use of personal PMR446 radios.